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What you should do before doing Forex trading?

February 28, 2007

1. Prepare your computer

At Home : Find the most suitable location

Do you want trading forex at your home? First of all you must find the best place to put your computer, use good and ergonomic desk and chair, use must enjoy sitting on the comfortable chair. If you can, find the place that far away from public area in your home, you can use separated room or on your own bedroom.

At Office : Check your office regulation

If you want trading forex at your office, you need to check your office regulation, because some of company do not allowed their employee doing other activity rather that office job, ask your Information System Manager, can you doing forex trading at your office computer during working hour? Or in lunch time only?

2. Prepare your Internet connection

Stable access

Online Forex Trading need stable and fast internet access, with dial-up internet access is enough but if you can find the faster internet access, find the internet service provider that can give fast and cheap internet access. And the most important is that internet access is not interrupted or disconnected often.

Calculate your expense and your income

Calculate your internet access fee, because in forex trading sometime you need to access hourly everyday to watching chart movement, you must get bigger income that your expense. Maybe in early training time you will get lot of expense before get big profit, so prepare your money.

3. Prepare you physic and mental

You must have healthy body

In Online Forex Trading you must have healthy and fit body, because sometime you will need to trading until late in the middle of the night, because Forex Trading is full 24 hours daily, rounding on each country trading time zone.

Ready to get loss

The most important is your mental, because in Forex Trading you can't always profit, sometime you will be loss, so prepare your mind and don't be angry and depressed. Be safe in playing Forex, don't be greedy and want to get big profit in fast time. Allocate little percentage of your deposit to get little profit, after several times you will get big profit.

Forex is not same as HYIP

If you usually playing HYIP before such as Autosurf, PTC, PTR etc, so you must understand Forex Trading is not same as HYIP, if on HYIP you can get money by allocated it on HYIP website and get profit instantly, then in Forex Trading you must manage your money by yourself, you must be practicing before become expert in Forex Trading, studying much of Forex Literature and article on many website, even you must buy some forex book to expand your skill.

Don't be easy to surrender

Maybe in training period you will get loss, even in a big amount of loss, but be patient there is just temporary, after practicing and learning from other forex trader you will become expert. So in your training period always use virtual money before using real money.

4. Expand your environment

Use Marketiva chatting facility

There is chatting facility on Marketiva Streamster Software, log in there and find you country chat room, do be afraid you will be assist by other expert trader, be active and ask anything you want to know.

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